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Water jet technologyDetails

We process all shapes, objects and materials with absolute precision without thermal influence.

With the abrasive water jet cutting technology we guarantee almost burr-free cut edges. Thanks to this technology, melted edge zones can be avoided and a unique edge quality is guaranteed.

Cracking or hardening are a thing of the past when using abrasive waterjet technology, as neither material stresses nor structural changes occur. To optimally complement our precision work, we use the latest hardware and software to process all workpieces quickly, precisely and with optimised offcuts. Both in terms of material selection and material thickness, waterjet cold cutting technology can be used with the highest cutting accuracy: from titanium to soft foams, from 2/100 mm to 200 mm thickness.

We can provide particularly flexible and fast processing by combining the 6×3 m waterjet cutting system with a 3×1.5 m system. Depending on the type, thickness and contour of the workpieces, prototypes, individual and series parts to be processed, we work...
  • accurate to +/- 0.015 mm
  • with surface qualities up to Rz 18 / Ra 2.5

With a crystal clear blade

The 3D tube and profile cutting machine, unique in Austria, makes the finest cutting edges possible.

3D measurement

We offer exact 3d measurement for all rooms and components.

Pick-up and delivery service

We pick up and deliver everything that needs to be cut!

Unlimited variety of materials

Whether hard or soft, brittle or fibrous, tough or elastic, our waterjet technology takes on any material.

Waterjet cutting from titanium to wood

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
  • Titanium
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Copper
  • Foam
  • Tiles
  • Composite material

Machine 1

Cutting size 6000 x 3000 x 200 mm, 3-D cutting head

Machine 2

Cutting size 3000 x 1500 x 200 mm with high precision 2-D cutting head
Laser, up to 4x2m 30mm material thickness, all metals
Press brake
up to 4500mm
Bar machining centre up to 12,000mm and 1,000mm beam thickness
Fire doors
Welding, certified aluminium, NiRoSta EN-1090 Exc3
Painting work up to 24m component size

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